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 how to become a good player

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PostSubject: how to become a good player   Thu Aug 04, 2011 7:48 am

1. R-e-s-p-e-c-t. If there's one thing a bad player does
often, it's disrespect other players. Yelling at people
(a.k.a. using all caps when you speak), assuming help, loot
or resource items-- these are all signs of disrespect. Ran
Reload has built all sorts of benefits into helping people in
this game, so chances are if someone isn't doing something
for you, or isn't helping in some way, it's because you
haven't given them the respect you should.

2. Help yourself first. If no one can help you, don't just
get angry about it-- help yourself. WoW is a great game in
that you can't lose-- no matter how broke or low level or low
geared your character is, there's always a way for you to get
better, even without anyone's help.

3. Know the game. Everyone says this, but everyone says it
because it's true. There are countless resources out there to
help you play your class-- read at least a few of them. If
someone does something you've never seen before, nicely ask
them about it, and they'll probably talk your ear off about
all the stuff they can do. And if you're in an instance and
you're about to fight a boss you've never seen, let your
group know so they can fill you in on what to do during the

4. No begging. This falls right in with #1, but it's worth
repeating. don't beg. There are always better ways to get
what you want.

5. Relax and keep an open mind. One of the biggest complaints
this week was about people who were angry because one of the
other players wasn't doing something they thought was right.
sometimes they're the best way to do what you need to do.
Don't get angry just relax and have fun! ^^

There we go, a constructive end to a week of complaining. And
if someone doesn't follow one of these rules, you can send
them right back here to find out where they went wrong.
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how to become a good player
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